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Liveset Cuesheet Editor/Creator

04 March 2013 Minor Update

I have had a few people e-mail me asking what happened about this. Well I was working on a new WPF (vector graphics) timeline editor which I nearly completed. Then as part of my academic research I developed an algorithm which can create these cuesheets automatically, which kind of rendered this application pointless. However I have fixed the app so that it just about works. In due course I will add a magic "find all the track indexes automatically" button which will use the algorithm I developed in my research.  I have attached a rar archive of the app, extract it and run the program.

5th August July 2009 Updated!

Now supports WPF powered iPod OS3 style variable speed scrubbing based on the Y position of mouse -- this lets you fine scrub a 2 hour set frame by frame! See updated video for details.

Chop and tag functionality! That's right, at the click of a button you can chop your set up into individual files where ever you want them. No need for a cue plugin in winamp/foobar!

30th July 2009


This afternoon I finally decided to create the application I have needed for years. I need cuesheets to split up my DJ sets. A cuesheet is a text file which contains metadata about a media file. It describes what the title is, the performer and also the same for every constituent track along with the track start times. Here are some of the benefits:

  • Exporting tracks to portable device
  • Allows me to know the name of tracks when listening and therefore become more knowledgable about electronic dance music.
  • Exporting rich metadata to Last.FM and IM status about what I'm listening to and when
  • You can use the cuesheet to split the set into individual files -- then you can search and sort by ID3 metadata using your OS shell or send tracks to friends for discussion
  • You can skip ahead to your favourite tracks

The problem is that it's painstaking to create these files. You have to type them out in a text editor and copy in the start times manually. There are some tools on the net that generate the template so that you can type in the tracks and start times -- but even they are way too laborious.


The concept with this application is that you can paste in a track list in the standard format used by web sites. This is parsed into the application. The track indexes will start evenly distributed over the whole show (so they are already roughly in the correct position). Then you can drag them left and right actually hearing the audio scrubbing while you do so. A little bit of fine tuning and you have a cue sheet ready to go. There is a zoom option so that you can get the index perfect.

You can also load other cuesheets and make changes.

You can even drag and drop cue files and mp3 files onto the application to associate them!

Just to make it even easier -- there are multiple save options i.e. in-place, save-as, or relative to the location of the MP3 file in .\Cuesheets with a relative path inside back to the MP3. There is also a test option which will allow you to test-drive the cue while developing -- it drops a temp .cue in your temporary files and performs a shell execute.

Demo Video

Please watch the following demonstration video:

Demo Video

Screen Shots


Microsoft .NET 2.0, .NET 3.5 SP1, DirectX 10

Tim Scarfe,
4 Mar 2013, 09:56