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Learning To Rank (LETOR) Analysis and Visualization

I wrote a rudimentary piece of software to load and analyse Microsoft LETOR 3.0 datasets (

  1. Can load/save multiple LETOR files (tested with the OSHUMED and GOV datasets)
  2. Can export to different formats i.e. MATLAB
  3. Can Normalize the data
  4. Gives query/document statistics
  5. Allows you to select which query/documents and features to use as test/train
  6. It runs the SVMRank program by Thorsten Joachims with configurable attributes
  7. Visualize the relative weights of the selected features
  8. P@k score (T. Qin, T.Y. Liu, J. Xu, and H. Li. How to Make LETOR More Useful and Reliable)
  9. Requires .NET 4.0 (Windows)

Video Demo

Dr. Tim Scarfe,
4 Mar 2013, 12:57